Real quickly, check out our brand spanking new build server. Notice anything different? No? Good! Hopefully everything is working just fine, but faster.

As you know, I’m ever the optimist. What’s that trite phrase, “When the crap hits the fan, make lemonade”? Or something like that.

So in this tragedy becomes triumph story, the bricking of my tiny little home built build server caused me to start thinking of a more permanent solution. In steps Eric Kemp, Rob Conery’s right hand man (in the clean sense of the idiom) on the Subsonic team.

He converted the VMWare image to run on Virtual Server and is hosting our virtual build server on a pretty hefty machine. Finally, I can shut down the virtual machine running on my desktop.

Eric ended up moving the server twice before settling on a final location. Eric, if you have a moment, remind me what the specs are on that baby.

So now it is time for me to step in with my part of the bargain, which is to help the Subsonic team get a continuous integration setup going. Now that their code is hosted in a Subversion repository, this will be a lot easier than it would’ve been before.

Even so, I’ll probably look at using CIFactory and hopefully enlist the help of an Software Configuration Management Ecowarrior, aka Jay Flowers.