Subtext 1.9.5 Release

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Subtext Submarine
Logo It is with great pleasure and relief that I announce the release of Subtext 1.9.5. Between you and me, I’m just happy to get this release out before the kid is born.

As with most point releases, this is primarily a bug fix release, but we found time to introduce a few nice new features - most notably support for tagging and Identicons.

New Features

  • Content Tagging and Tag Cloud - for more details, refere to this post
  • Identicon Support - Uses the Identicon Handler project on CodePlex.
  • MyBrand Feedburner Support - Updated our FeedBurner implementation to support custom feedburner URLs
  • Upgrade toLightBox 2.0
    • If you referenced the default lightbox skin in your custom skin, please reference this post by Simone to understand how to update the skin.
  • Author CSS Class - The CSS class of “author” is added to comments left by the owner of a blog (must be logged in when leaving comment for this to work). This allows custom skin authors to highlight comments by authors.
  • Credits Page - In the Admin section, we give credit where credit is due, displaying a list of the open source products we make use of in building Subtext.
  • Implemented ASP.NET AJAX - We replaced MagicAjax panel with ASP.NET Ajax libraries. Keep in mind that this requires a bit of new Web.config configuration sections. So be careful when merging your Web.config changes.

Bug Fixes

Clean Installation

A clean install of Subtext is relatively painless. Essentially copy all the files to your webserver, create a database if you don’t already have one, update web.config to point to your database, and you’re all set. For more details on the setup instructions, read the Clean Installation Instructions


Upgrading from a previous 1.9 version is relatively straightforward. For the safest approach, follow the upgrade instructions here.

I’ve written a command line tool for upgrading Subtext, but it isn’t production ready yet. Our goal is to make the upgrade process as seamless as possible in future versions. If you’d like to help with that, we’d love to have your contributions!


As always, you can download the latest release here. The install file contains just the files you need to deploy to your webserver. The source file contains full source code.


As always, many thanks go out to the many Subtext contributors and community members who helped make this latest release possible. Subtext keeps on getting better because of the community involvement. Just take a look at the improvements to our Continous Integration and Build Server as an example.

If you’d like to contribute, we’re always looking for help. Great positions are open!

What’s Next?

I’m wrapping up a project for a client in which I was able to implement multiple authors per blog. Hopefully, this means that Subtext 2.0 won’t take as long to release as 1.9.5 did.

We are constantly improving our development process and refactoring the code. The big push for 2.0 is to get the Plugin Model and custom MembershipProvider rock solid and to refactor and clean up the code heavily.

Found a typo or error? Suggest an edit! If accepted, your contribution is listed automatically here.



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  1. Avatar for Community Blogs
    Community Blogs May 10th, 2007

    With the announcement of the 1.9.5 release of Subtext, I thought I should talk about the new tagging

  2. Avatar for CodeClimber
    CodeClimber May 10th, 2007

    Subtext 1.9.5

  3. Avatar for Mads Kristensen
    Mads Kristensen May 10th, 2007

    Congrats with the release. The tagging support is very cool.

  4. Avatar for News News May 10th, 2007

    Developers blogs upgraded!!

  5. Avatar for Kostas Pantos
    Kostas Pantos May 10th, 2007

    Thanks for a great tool.
    - Have you thought anything about a membership provider to enable only registered users to post comments? (like community server does)
    - Are there any plans on working out the www url prefix issue?

  6. Avatar for Steven Harman
    Steven Harman May 10th, 2007

    @Kostas: That should be possible in the Subtext v2.0 time frame when we introduce a full-blown Membership and Roles implementation.

  7. Avatar for Kevin Dente
    Kevin Dente May 10th, 2007

    Congrats! Did visible CommentRSS links make it in there?

  8. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked May 10th, 2007

    @Kevin Shoot, no that didn't. Did you add a feature request for that in SourceForge?

  9. Avatar for Community Blogs
    Community Blogs May 10th, 2007

    If you downloaded Subtext last night and try to edit keywords in the admin section, you might run into

  10. Avatar for skinnytie
    skinnytie May 10th, 2007

    Have you been able to address medium trust compilation issues?
    I know several people with medium trust restrictions on their hosting option and cannot run SubText because of this.

  11. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked May 10th, 2007

    @skinnytie Yes, Subtext supports Medium trust since version 1.9 came out.
    In web.config, change the <trust /> level to Medium.
    <trust level="Medium" />
    At some hosting providers, you have to remove the <trust /> element completely, as they already define it.

  12. Avatar for Scruffy-Looking Cat Herder
    Scruffy-Looking Cat Herder May 10th, 2007

    Subtext Release 1.9.5

  13. Avatar for Bill Graziano
    Bill Graziano May 11th, 2007

    Congratulations! Looking forward to upgrading.

  14. Avatar for Scruffy-Looking Cat Herder
    Scruffy-Looking Cat Herder May 11th, 2007

    What's an Identicon?

  15. Avatar for oVan
    oVan May 12th, 2007

    Thank you for the new release! I hope the upgrade of my customized SubText 1.9.4 goes without much troubles :-)

  16. Avatar for Kevin Dente
    Kevin Dente May 14th, 2007

    >Did you add a feature request for that in
    I have now. Tracker item 1718881.

  17. Avatar for Mark
    Mark May 16th, 2007

    This seems really nice. i will have to give it a try.

  18. Avatar for Bordoni
    Bordoni May 23rd, 2007

    Upgrade SubText 1.9.5

  19. Avatar for Braden's Corner Of The Net
    Braden's Corner Of The Net May 28th, 2007

    Another Site Upgrade

  20. Avatar for David
    David June 3rd, 2007

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade to SubText 1.9.5. But there is script error "'WebForm_PostBackOptions' is undefined".
    What should I do to fixed the error?

  21. Avatar for michael eaton
    michael eaton July 29th, 2007

    Upgrading blog

  22. Avatar for Angry Hacker
    Angry Hacker November 6th, 2007

    Subtext ported to MySQL

  23. Avatar for Rydal
    Rydal November 7th, 2007

    I think you left out a step - Install ASP.NET AJAX Extensions. I couldn't go pass the missing System.Web.Extensions message while upgrading.

  24. Avatar for djmarten
    djmarten November 15th, 2007

    wow der blog sieht gut aus, sehr schick gemacht!

  25. Avatar for Gonzalo Aguilera
    Gonzalo Aguilera February 10th, 2008

    This is a good effort for a Web site using asp 3.0. In the .NET environment can be done much more and especially flexible. I suggest a litle re-design to male of this system more biological and user-friendly. I mean, a better menu, the use of simulated iframes and a more sound association among subjects and articles categories.
    I know is easy for me to say and difficult to implement the suggested changes; but that is the price to make the difference and provide a better service.

  26. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous May 23rd, 2008

    Might want to set the web project as the "startup project" in the solution in the next release. Just saves us a step.

  27. Avatar for Prueba
    Prueba May 27th, 2008

    This is a comment for testing

  28. Avatar for JimS
    JimS June 3rd, 2008

    Doing some codebrowsing and I'm just wondering: Is the CacheDuration of the ContentCache set correctly? As of now, with the default duration definitions, the cache duration time can only be set from 0 to 30 seconds (where 30 seconds is the "Long" duration). The duration is set in seconds (#102 in ContentCache.cs), and to be honest - 30 seconds is _not_ a Long cache duration in this context, is it?

  29. Avatar for JAWAD BADIR GATEE
    JAWAD BADIR GATEE July 28th, 2008

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  30. Avatar for Steve
    Steve December 4th, 2008

    What happened to the multiple blogs client? Is it still in the works?

  31. Avatar for Steve
    Steve December 4th, 2008

    Sorry, I meant multiple authors for a single blog ... sorry

  32. Avatar for Jess
    Jess February 24th, 2009

    Ditto... did you ever implement multiple authors for a single blog?

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