Tim Heuer has been on a tear lately submitting some great new skins to the Subtext Skin Showcase, which is part of SubtextSkins.com.

The Showcase is the part of the site in which we display user submitted skins and allow others to download the skins. The other part of the site displays the default skins in Subtext.

Blue Terrafirma Dirtylicious Informatif

It appears that Tim has been porting some of the nicer designs in the Open Designs website, a website devoted to open source web design.

Tim happens to also be the creator of Origami (which you can see in use on Rob Conery’s Blog), which many consider to be the nicest skin in Subtext.

If you are a Subtext user, try out some of these skins. They may find their way into future releases of Subtext.