I received a strange delinquency notice for a parking ticket. At first glance, it seemed normal enough. Yep, there’s my license plate number. Yep, the make of the car is correct. But look at this, the color of the car is wrong.

That’s strange since it’s not one of those cases where they indicated midnight blue when the car is black. No, they indicated red and my car is blue.

And one other minor detail was a bit off. The parking ticket was for Fillmore street in San Francisco and I live in Los Angeles.


I called the SF parking department and the nice woman on the phone looked into it and told me that the parking attendant made several errors in the citation and I can disregard the notice.

Several errors? I’ll say.

Like hallucinating a car that couldn’t possible be in San Francisco at the time? Or, perhaps there just happens to be a red car with the same make as mine and the same license plate number, just with a “B” where mine has an “8”.