The website just switched over its 1442 (and counting) blogs, containing 25,921 blog posts and 39,140 comments over to Subtext. As Jeff Julian reports, it only took them six hours.

Jeff posted a pic of the crew at work to make it happen (click for larger).

GWB'ers burning the midnight

Not depicted in the picture are members of the Subtext team who have tried their best to be responsive and helpful to the GWB team during their early planning phases for the move.

Subtext should handle the load just fine considering that they were running on .TEXT prior, and though we’ve made a lot of changes, we haven’t changed the data access code drastically.

Tip of the hat to Scott Watermasysk for building the original .TEXT code in a scalable manner, laying a good foundation for this sort of installation.

Already, the large site may have sussed out a caching bug we’ve been trying to track down for ages, but haven’t been able to reproduce.

Anyways, congratulations to the GWB team for a successful migration.