Voice Your Thoughts At The Mix07 Open Source Panel

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Rob Conery is soliciting our feedback for a panel on Open Source that he᾿ll be participating in at Mix07.

He᾿s joined by some big names in the world of Open Source Software including Miguel de Icaza. Hot Damn!

I won᾿t lie, I did want to be a part of the panel when I first heard about it (in part to get a free ticket, but also be cause I love hearing myself talk about Open Source) but did not make the cut. Now I see why and I᾿m kind of glad I᾿m not up there risking looking like a fool next to those guys.

Not to say that Rob is going to look foolish. He᾿s got a lot of smarts. You᾿ll do fine Rob! Trust me.

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    Andy Stopford April 12th, 2007

    I hope the discussions continue beyond Mix, Rob and Miguel are stewards of the the OSS .NET world no doubt and the other panel members have a wealth of OSS experince. However I would love to see others from the OSS .NET world get involved beyond the panel (folks like you Phil) as I think this kind of discussion is wider than 6 people.