How good are you at thinking on your feet?

Last night I watched the premier for a new show called Thank God You’re Here. It’s a sketch improv comedy show starring various comedy television and movie stars, who have to bluff their way through a scene. They are given costumes, a set, but no script.

The set of Thank God You're

The title of the show derives from the fact that the first line of each skit is “Thank god you’re here!”

I love improv comedy and I thought Neuman from Seinfeld was great as well as the dad from Malcom in the Middle. You can watch the premier online.

It’s reminiscent of one of my favorite improv shows ever, Drew Carey’s Who’s Line Is It Anyways?, but with better sets and costumes. Though it remains to be seen if they will ever top the funniest Whose Line episode ever with Richard Simmons.

Who’s Line Is It