IBM Second Life Offices - From Dylan, co-founder and CEO of VelocIT (you know, the place I work for my day job), has recently discovered Second Crack Life. He’s been hanging out with some big wig at IBM in charge of open source and open standards. And you know how I loves me that open source.

Apparently IBM is looking at ways to build internal community among a distributed workforce and exploring whether or not Second Life fits into that. Obviously, this holds appeal to VelocIT because we’re a distributed company.

It’s hard not to find Second Life intriguing if you’ve ever read Snow Crash, but I’m tentatively skeptical of its use as a day to day communication tool. I’m just not ready to have a processor intensive 3D environment running in a window while I’m trying to get my coding on.

However, I do see its appeal for having short fun meetings. Jon Galloway and I have hung out in Second Life for a short period before we realized what a time sink it could end up being.

I think Second Life could be a great tool for Open Source teams to hold meetings. In fact (and you heard it here first), when we release Subtext 2.0, we’re going to have our release party in Second Life.