ConeryOn Tuesday night I met Rob Conery, aka Mr. Subsonic, aka Mr. Commerce Starter Kit. The man is shifty and goes by many aliases. He was in town visiting family and was able to pull away for a night to kick it.

From time to time, I’ve met people in person at various conferences who I only knew via their blogs. Usually, because you have no idea what to expect, those meetings can be full of surprises.

You’re nothing like how I pictured you in my head. I thought you’d be taller, have hair, and be more female.

Since I’ve chatted with Rob on Skype before, there were no surprises.  Except that he’s ginormously tall. I literally almost blurted out, You’re a freakin’ giant! But was able to hold my tongue.

Jon Galloway joined us after a harrowing drive up the rain soaked freeway from San Diego and we headed for Hurry Curry of Tokyo on Sawtelle for some delicious Japanese style Curry. After a couple of bottles of sake and Sapporo beer, we headed over to The Mór Bar for $2 Tuesdays with Moontribe.

The Mór Bar is a sweet spot to hang out, get a drink, talk and listen to good music. They have a nice arrangment of plush couch/benches in a U-shape arrangement at the front of the bar on a deck, which evokes a Lawrence of Arabia feel.

We settled in to geek out and Rob’s a fun guy to have a conversation with. Just brimming with great ideas and interesting stories. Shortly into it, Rob remarks on my total ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). What the heck do you expect when you buy me a Maker’s Mark for the first round of drinks? Yeah, I get easily distracted after multiple shots of sake, beer, chased by a strong whiskey. What can I say?

So there you have it, Rob’s Tall, Jon’s Bald, and I have ADD. Any case, Rob, if you read this, I hope you got your Credit Card back. Good times. Good times.