Steve Harman digs in and solves a longtime mystery for me regarding VPN connections and default gateways on remote networks.

Most clients we have require that we connect to their network via VPN. Nothing new about that of course. But some clients require that we check the Use default gateway on remote network option when setting up the VPN.

That effectively shuts down my ability to access resources on my local network as all traffic gets routed through the remote network.

VPN Dialog. Shows the Use Default Gateway on Remote Network

Fortunately, Steve didn’t give up like I did. He persisted and, following up on a tip by Jon Galloway, figured out how to configure Routing Tables to achieve what he needed.

This so beats my twine and wire MacGuyver solution of simply setting up Remote Desktop to another machine that is then connected to the VPN.

With persistence and problem solving skills like that, a company would be lucky to hire Steve. So we did this past month!