Steve Harman just announced the release of Subtext 1.9.3. This is primarily a bug fix release, though there are a couple of small improvements.

You can download the latest bits here.

Many thanks to Steve and the rest of the Subtext crew for all the hard work in getting this release together. Ever since I wrote that Subtext Job Posting blog post, we’ve had a lot more active contributors lending a hand, which has been a big help. Your participation is very much appreciated!

With 1.9.3 out of the dock, all focus is now on getting Subtext 2.0 ready for deployment.

So far, progress on Subtext 2.0 has been going better than I expected. We have an early implementation of our plugin framework working, though we still have a lot of improvements and polishing to do on it. The Membership Provider is also working, though we have a few refactorings we’re considering to the data model.