PDC 2007 Developer
Powered According to Brad Abrams, it looks like we’re going to have us another PDC in 2007. For those of you not in the know, PDC stands for Professional Developer Conference. These are conferences in which Microsoft shows off upcoming technologies that us developers will be using.

It’s not till October 2, so there’s still time to scrounge up the money to go, assuming I don’t lose it all at the blackjack tables at Mix 07 (I should have stayed at the craps table,Steve Mainecan back me up on that).

I probably know a back door or two I can sneak through if it comes to that. I’m looking forward to having all you illustrious developers in my neighborhood (Westside!). It’s too early for a roll call, but be sure that I hear about it when you decide to attend.

I do know where to get the best Korean food.