Just thought I would highlight something I mentioned in my last post because I thought it was particularly funny. I wrote about joys using Google Code Search to search through source code for interesting comments. Definitely a geeky pasttime.

However that geekiness is overshadowed by something interesting I found. In this case, it’s not the comments that are interesting, but the actual code itself.

It appears to be a lonely geek’s fantasy written in code. A text-based adventure about sexcapades with Dr. Beverly Crusher on the star trek enterprise. Here’s a tame snippet to give you an idea.

dancewithdesc ( actor ) = { "You and [Dr. Beverly Crusher] dance a quiet, soft, close dance around her quarters. It is really quite chaste, but you find yourself intoxicated by her scent and stimulated by your grasp and hers, both of which stray far lower on each others’ backs than is supposedly called for with this step.";


You have to read it to believe it (warning, trashy novel style adult content).