Ok, I could use some really expert help here. I really like using the built in WebServer.WebDev Web Server that is a part of Visual Studio

  1. For one thing, it makes getting a new developer working on Subtext (or any project) that much faster. Just get the latest code, and hit CTRL+F5 to see the site in your browser. No pesky IIS set up.

Today though, I ran into my first real problem with this approach. When running the latest Subtext code from our trunk, I am getting a SecurityException during a call to Server.Transfer.

Stepping through the code in the debugger, the page I transfer to executes just fine without throwing an exception.

Based on the stack trace, the exception occurs when the content is being flushed to the client. A security demand for Unmanaged Code is the cause of this during a call to the IHttpResponseElement.Send method of the HttpResponseUnmanagedBufferElement class.

What I don’t understand is why this particular class is handling my request instead of the HttpResponseBufferElement class? This code seems to work fine when I use IIS, so I think it’s a problem with WebServer.WebDev. Anybody know anyone who understands these internals well enough to enlighten me? I’d be eternally grateful.

I posted this question on the MSDN forums as well.