No, this is not a bait and switch post where I try to recruit you to work on Subtext.  A while ago I mentioned that I was participating in The Hidden Network.  So far, I really like it, though I think there is still room for improvement.

If you visit my site (since many of you are reading this in an RSS aggregator), you might have noticed a Jobs link at top.  The link will take you to a full listing of jobs.

The neat thing about this job listings page is that it is hosted by The Hidden Network. I simply added a CName to redirect to hidden network.  They made it extremely easy for me to add a jobs section to my website.

Being bored, I figured I’d take a look through the list to see what kind of job opportunities are available.  Frankly, I am a little bit disappointed.  Many of the jobs sound like yaaaawners.  Perhaps more employers should read my guide, The Art Of The Job Post (If that came across as arrogant, whoops)

The Hidden Network is still pretty young, but over time I’d like to see a lot more jobs listed.  That would make using Geolocation to list jobs that are local to the reader more useful. I also think it’d be neat if I could annotate job postings.

There were a few that did catch my attention…

Sr. Admin, Programmer at Chuck E. Cheese I don’t know if the job itself sounds interesting, but hey! It’s Chuck E. Cheese!  Where a kid can be a kid! I’d ask for a signing bonus that includes free Pizza and  the passcode to play video games onsite for free.

Net, SQL, ASP Developer at Y! Music I have a buddy who works at Yahoo! in Santa Monica and loves it. In a bit of personal trivia, I actually worked on the original website, which was later bought by Yahoo! (many iterations later).  I interviewed with Yahoo! in Santa Monica, but chose to go to SkillJam instead.

.NET Software Engineer at IGN If you’re into gaming, this could be alot fun.

The Motley Fool have several jobs listed.  Not sure what they’d be like to work for, but at least you’d get good investment advice while on the job.

There may well be others in there worth mentioning. I wasn’t that bored that I would read the details of every one.  The good thing about these listings is they appear to be real jobs, and not phishing expeditions by head hunters.

This may be a longshot to even ask, but if you end up actually applying for a job because you saw it on my blog, would you let me know? 

If you are an employer, consider posting a job.

UPDATE: I’m no longer using this.