K. Scott Allen, famous for his OdeToCode blog signed on to be the fourth co-author. His expertise and writing ability will help to compensate for our lack of such things.

A little while ago I wrote an email to the subtext-devs mailing list mentioning that I will be cutting back my day-to-day involvement in Subtext until around spring/summer of the new year.  I will still be involved, of course, but I cannot spend as much time writing code as I have been in the past.

However, my Subtext recruiting post was quite successful and many new developers have joined in to keep Subtext humming along. Not only that, developers who have long been involved with Subtext have also picked up the slack with major contributions.  For that, I am appreciative to see things moving forward toward the best release of Subtext yet sometime in the new year.

So what exactly is keeping me so busy? 

I will be writing a Cook Book style book on ASP.NET 2.0 with my co-authors Jon Galloway and Jeff “CodingHorror” Atwood.  The three of us have long talked about writing a book together, and this opportunity from SitePoint came along at the right time.  We just signed the contract recently and already I am panicking about the various deadlines. Wink

It’s good to get the panic and self-doubts over with early (everyone will hate the book…no worse, they’ll be indifferent to the book and hate me, spitting on me at Mix 09 when I finally release the book years late for rotting their brains just reading a synposis) so I can get to the business of writing a fantastic book.

I’ve contributed a couple of sections to a book before (Windows Developer Power Tools), but that was nothing compared to co-authoring and writing a full third of a book.  I will be looking to my capable co-authors to make me look good.

So you may notice the frequency of blogging drop off for a bit, but I plan to pick it up a bit as I write the book, focusing on little pieces that relate to the book.  Wish us luck!