Subtext Logo I put up a short three question survey on the Subtext website.  If you are a subtext user or thinking about using Subtext, please take a moment and fill it out. It’ll only take a second.

For the first question, if you choose Other, please be kind and comment on this post what that other hosting provider is. Thanks!

The third question bears a bit of explanation.  If you use the web admin to enter a blog post, the Advanced Options allow you to enter a short excerpt for the blog post.  My hunch is that nobody uses it.

This excerpt is displayed when listing posts within a category.  I think we might be better served by having some means to automatically generate an excerpt OR to allow users to mark up their blog posts when using a 3rd party tool so that we can extract an excerpt.

After I get in some results to this survey, I’ll talk about that some more.  Over time I may add some more questions.  So please, if you have a moment, take the survey.