As I mentioned in my last post, someone reported a bug with deleting posts in the admin tool.  That posts also describes a quick and dirty workaround.

However, I fixed the bug and updated our current 1.9.2 release at SourceForge.  The existing URL to download the release is still valid.  The full version number for this release is

To find out which version of Subtext you are running, just log into your admin and look in the bottom left corner.  You should see the version there.


If you downloaded Subtext 1.9.2 before I applied the update, then you will probably see version in there.  If so, you have two options.  You can either apply the quick and dirty patch mentioned in my last post, or you can download the latest build and update the Subtext.Framework.dll file in the bin directory.

However, this latest update also includes some CSS fixes for the KeyWest skin in IE 7 designed (and fixed) by Robb Allen.  So if you are using that skin, you should download and apply this update.