UPDATE: A bug was reported that blog posts could not be deleted. We have updated the release files with a fixed version.  There’s also a quick and dirty workaround.

Reading over my last blog post, I realized I can be a bit long winded when describing the latest release of Subtext. Can you blame me? I pour my blood, sweat, and tears (minus the blood) into this project.  Doesn’t that give me some leeway to be a total blowhard? Wink

This post is for those who just want the meat. Subtext 1.9.2 has the goal of making the world safe for trackbacks and comments.  It adds significant comment spam blocking support.  Here are the key take-aways for upgrading.

  • As always, backup your database and site first before upgrading.  We implemented a major schema change which requires that the upgrade process move some data to a new table.
  • If you are upgrading from Subtext 1.5 or earlier, read this.
  • Instructions for upgrading.
  • Instructions for a clean installation. This is easier than upgrading.
  • When upgrading, make sure to merge your customizations to web.config into the new web.config.
  • If you use Akismet, make sure not to use ReverseDOS until we resolve some issues.
  • After upgrading, login to the admin and select the correct timezone that you are located in.

Download it here.