The Viper
RoomLast night I went to the “World Famous Viper Room”.  Gotta respect that their website makes sure to mention the World Famous part.  I suppose you’d have to have a real club inferiority complex to promote your club as The In This Neighborhood Sorta Famous Viper Room.

Anyways, the purpose of my visit was to see my soccer (sorry, football) teammate and team captain Pete perform in the acoustic lounge, an intimate (read tiny) lounge downstairs from the main room.

Pete’s the one from Glasgow with a heavy Scottish brogue.  We can hardly understand him most of the time, though I’m getting better at it.  Usually I just nod my head in agreement.

After our last game we asked Pete if he’d get us on the guest list.  “Not after that performance I won’t.” was his reply…I think.  He was referring to the 12 to 1 drubbing received at the hands of Hollywood United.  This is the team fielding 9 internationally capped players and two World Cup players, one of whom was on the winning squad of the 1998 champions.

In contrast, we are fielding one internationally capped player who played for the Cayman Islands.  We should be making some acquisitions for the next season that should help.  Our goal for the next season is to keep them in the single digits.  Incremental improvements, ya know?