Icon Ever prolific Jon Galloway has released another tool on our tools site.  When we started the tools site, I talked some trash to spur some friendly competition between the two of us.  Let’s just say Jon is kicking my arse so hard my relatives in Korea can’t sit down.

His latest RegmonToRegfile tool works with yet another SysInternals tool, Regmon.

Winternals (maker of Sysinternal) released many fantastic tools for managing and spelunking your system.

So great, in fact, that Robb feels he owes them his child in gratitude.

Kudos to Microsoft for snatching up Mark Russinovich and Winternals Software.

Regmon is essentially a Tivo for your registry, allowing you to record and play back changes to the registry.

Regmon lacks the ability to export to a registry (.reg) file, which is where Jon’s tool comes to play.  It can parse the Regmon log files and translate them to .reg files.

Here is a link to Jon’s blog post on this tool.