Personal matters (good stuff) and work has been keeping me really busy lately, but every free moment I get I plod along, coding a bit here and there, getting Subtext 1.9.1 “Shields Up” ready for action.

There were a couple of innovations I wanted to include in this version as well as a TimeZone handling fix, but recent comment spam shit storms have created a sense of urgency to get what I have done out the door ASAP.

In retrospect, as soon as I finished the Akismet support, I should have released.

I have a working build that I am going to test on my own site tonight.  If it works out fine, I will deploy a beta to SourceForge.  This will be the first Subtext release that we label Beta.  I think it will be just as stable as any other release, but there’s a significant schema change involved and I want to test it more before I announce a full release.

Please note, there is a significant schema change in which data gets moved around, so backup your database and all applicable warnings apply.  Upgrade at your own risk.  I am going to copy my database over and upgrade offline to test it out before deploying.

Shields up edition will contain Akismet support and CAPTCHA.  The Akismet support required adding comment “folders” to allow the user to report false positives and false negatives.