A few days back Jon Galloway and I were discussing a task he was working on to document a database for a client.  He had planned to use some code generation to initially populate a spreadsheet and would fill in the details by hand.  I suggested he store the data with the schema using SQL extended properties.

We looked around and found some stored procs for pulling properties out, but no useful applications for putting them in there in a nice, quick, and easy manner.

A few days later, the freaking guy releases this Database Dictionary Creator, a nice GUI tool to document your database, storing the documentation as part of your database schema.

Database Dictionary Entry

The tool allows you to add your own custom properties to track, which then get displayed in the data dictionary form grid as seen above. Audit and Source are custom properties. It is a way to tag our database schema.

You ask the guy to build a house with playing cards and he comes back with the Taj Mahal.

Check it out.