Conceptus, a client of my company, recently launched not one, but two blogs using Subtext.

I emphasize two because I only really knew that their CEO wanted to start a blog.  Of course, once you have Subtext set up, it’s quite easy to start another blog.

This is our first (of hopefully many) commercial implementations of Subtext.  The best thing about this particular project was that our client was very kind in contributing some of the customization work we did back to the Subtext project.

For me, I loved that this projected combined my passion for Subtext with my passion for feeding my family.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional so my brief description of the product is not medical advice. This is merely information I gleaned off their product website.  For medical advice, consult your doctor.

To give you more background, the client is named Conceptus and they’ve developed a non-surgical permanent birth control device and procedure that takes around 35 minutes (not including doctor waiting room time and a typical post procedure wait of 45 minutes).  Their procedure beats the pants off the typical alternative, tubal ligation (getting the tubes tied).

We worked with this client before under the direction of Shepard Associates to develop Conceptus’s consumer focused site and their doctor focused site, both built on top of DotNetNuke.