Jon Galloway is my batch file hero.  He’s the one who introduced me to the FOR %%A in ... syntax.

Today I needed to rename a bunch of files.  On one project, we haven’t kept our file extensions consistent when creating a stored procedure file in a Database project. Some of them had .prc extensions and others have .sql extensions.

I wanted to rename every file to use the .sql extension.  I couldn’t simply use a batch rename program because I wanted these files renamed within Subversion, which requires running the svn rename command.

So using a batch file Jon sent me, I wrote the following.

FOR %%A in (*.prc) do CALL :Subroutine %%A


svn rename %~n1.prc %~n1.sql

Pretty nifty.  For each file in the current directory that ends in the .prc extension, I call a subroutine.  That subroutine makes use of the %~n1 argument which provides the filename without the extension.

For help in writing your batch files, type help call in the command prompt.

I can see using this technique all over the place. I will leave it to my buddy Tyler to provide the Powershell version.