I found out recently that many of my family members and friends who used to read my blog stopped doing so because most of my blog posts were pure gibberish to them.  Apparently not everyone is fascinated by topics such as how many CPU cycles it takes to make a method call in a dynamic language?  Neither are they enthralled by matching HTML with Regular Expressions.  Go figure.

InjuryAnd yes, I have tried in the past to explain that my blog has categories and by going to the **Day to Day category, you can filter out my geekery.  But many of my friends simply bookmark https://haacked.com/ and simply can’t be bothered. 

So I am starting a new blog just for them where I can post such personal things such as a picture of this vicious bruise I received in a soccer game which was actually worse than it looks.

In the past, I’ve tended to have the philosophy of just writing about anything here.  But these days, I’ve migrated to seeing blogging as participating in a community. In my case, I have focused this blog to participate in the Software Development community, and more specifically the .NET developer community.  As they say about writing, consider your audience!  However I don’t think this some absolute truth of blogging. If you want to post pics of your cats in your geek blog, post away!  This is just my preference for myself.

This also doesn’t mean that haacked.com will only consist of techie posts.  I’ll still post the occasional personal item that I think might be interesting to my geek friends.  I rather like injecting my personality here. 

What I probably won’t do is post mundane stuff like, “Yo Dan. You and Judy want to have dinner tonight?  Call me or post a comment here.” here, reserving that for my other blog.


The URL for my other blog was http://phil.haacked.com/ but I’ve since given up on this idea.