Seems like all sorts of open source projects have been releasing lately.  Darren Neimke and Keyvan Nayyeri proudly announce the release of BlogML 2.0 on CodePlex.  Here’s a list of new features on Keyvan’s blog. With a bit of luck and lots of persistence, BlogML will hopefully be a key component in breaking vendor lock-in when it comes to blogging engine. 

For example, if you decide to try Subtext as your blogging engine, and decide it’s not for you, I want you to have your data in a form that is easy to import to other engines.  Why should you have to write code to move from one platform to another?

I contributed a BlogML provider framework with the goal of making it really easy to implement BlogML on other platforms.  For example, the homegrown blog.  I don’t feel I fully accomplished the goal of making it easy, but I think it’s a step in the right direction and I’m sure it’s in good hands now.

Of course I am now pissed (for you British, that’s angry, not drunk) that we have all this extra work to do for Subtext since we’re still running BlogML 1.0 (legacy!), and 2.0 has already been out a few hours!