Darren Neimke apparently is not one to shy away from a bit of trash talk.  He IM’d me via MSN recently to warn me about a new SUB, ready to take down Subtext. In this case, it is his newly open sourced blog engine, SingleUserBlog or SUB, which is now hosted on CodePlex.  Darren has been on a roll lately with the recent release of BlogML 2.0.  Now SUB enters the scene with torpedoes blazing!

But Darren must know he is not dealing with a complete novice in warfare.  I deftly guided him to choose the BSD license.  So should they implement something I must have, I can just take it, BWAHAHA! (with proper attribution of course, following all terms of the license and other legal mumbo jumbo)

Darren, I believe I sunk your battleship.