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SceneryThis past weekend my wife and I drove up to San Francisco to attend a friend’s wedding, which ended up being a lot of fun.  We always like visiting The City because of the many friends we have in the area, though being there reinforces the fact that it is not a place where we’d want to live (no offense to anybody who lives there, it’s just not our style).

While up there we were fortunate enough to have dinner with Mr. Coding Horror Jeff Atwood and his wonderful wife.

They gave us a tour of their new place and I was most impressed with his “boom boom” room (it’s his term and it’s not what you think).  They have a separated room tricked out with surround sound THX speakers, an LCD Projector, a Play Station 2, Dance Dance Revolution game pads, and of course, Guitar Hero.  Jeff gave us a quick demo of Guitar Hero and I was quite impressed, both by the fact that Jeff has some rhythm as well as the graphics and sound of the game.

franciscoIn some ways, the boom boom room reminded me of Ricky Shroder’s room from Silver Spoons.

Meanwhile, my brother is moving from Alaska to Minnesota, but he’s doing it the hard way, driving.  He drove down to Los Angeles from Anchorage, Alaska at a relatively leisurely pace visiting with friends along the way.

He will stay with us for a couple of days and then he and I will set out to drive to Minnesota.  My parents are such worriers so it made them feel better that I was driving with him for this leg of the trip since he won’t be stopping much.

Hopefully we’ll get there with enough time to visit some relative we have in the area.  In any case, if I am less than responsive to emails and Subtext mailing list/forums, you’ll know why.

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  1. Avatar for Kevin Dente
    Kevin Dente September 5th, 2006

    >though being there reinforces the fact
    >that it is not a place where we’d want
    >to live
    Funny, as a Bay Area resident I have the same feeling every time I visit LA. :P
    Hey, I live in the same neck of the words as Atwood. If you come up again, let me know if you'd be interested in trying to organize a geek dinner.

  2. Avatar for haacked
    haacked September 5th, 2006

    Cool idea. I thought about it but we were on a tight schedule and I can only subject my wife to so much geekiness. ;)

  3. Avatar for Willie Tilton
    Willie Tilton September 7th, 2006

    I've only been up to Stockton, but the drive is...really really bad. I rank it up there on the 10 most boring road trips ever. The highlight of the trip was the horrible cow smell somewhere in the middle. I can't remember too much about that part as I'm able to blank out certain bad memories in my mind pretty effectively.
    Geek dinners are always fun though. Essentially my wife mainly puts up with it with the occasional "uh huh" and "oh that's neat". If I go on too long though she tells me to go IM some other nerds to get out of her hair.