As a follow-up to the recent release of Subtext 1.9, I would also like to introduce a little something I put together at

Since we have yet to incorporate a skin preview or gallery in Subtext, I setup a site that features each of the default skins.  Additionaly, the site also has a Skin Showcase where users can submit skins to share with the community.  User submissions are moderated.

Subtext Skins

Although we plan to overhaul skinning in the next version, it is still worthwhile to share skins here as my hope is to help port any user submitted skin (unless it gets too ridiculous in there).

I started off the sharing with the Marvin 3 Column skin which used to be included with Subtext.  If you have a skin you wish to share, please do share!  I recommend that your zip file include a Skins.User.config file rather than a Skins.config file.