Update: Rob renamed his project to Subsonic.

Rob Conery just released ASP.NET ActionPack 1.0.1 on his blog today.  This project is definitely one to watch!  He is essentially taking some of the principles of developing web apps with Ruby on Rails and porting those ideas to ASP.NET.  Just watch this great screencast to get a taste of the progress he has made in a short time.

So far I am very impressed with this guy.  Yesterday evening I sent the link to the screencast to Jon Galloway who then wondered why he was using strings for table names.  I told him to quit bothering me about it and post something in the Codeplex forum.  But Jon, being the simultaneous type of guy he is, had already posted a comment on Rob’s blog before I could finish my sentence.  This all happened last night.  This morning I notice the sixth bullet point in Rob’s announcement states that he added struct in classes for column names.  Apparently he had received the comment, made the change, and sent a reply to Jon in two hours.

Now that is a quick turnaround and good customer service! ;)

Not only that, but this guy lives in Kuaui, Hawaii! I don’t know how he gets anything done unless it’s the rainy season right now. Subtext would definitely languish if I lived in Kuaui.