What Is Really Simple Discovery (RSD)?

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That is a fine question in need of a good answer.  The answer for implementors is easily found in the spec.  For the rest of us there is the exceedingly sparse entry (at the time of this writing) in Wikipedia.

That entry is somewhat pathetic at the moment. I mean who wrote that crap?! Hmmm.. Well taking a look at the history… I see that the perpetrator was…oh! me.

Well I am sure one of you can do a much better job than I did of elaborating on the topic.

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  1. Avatar for tod hilton
    tod hilton August 15th, 2006

    A better job than you? Oh my, are you turning humble on us all of a sudden? :-P

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked August 15th, 2006

    Humble? Me? Hell no! Just realistic. That was really a subpar effort, but I had no time to do better.

  3. Avatar for Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams February 9th, 2007

    Care to provide a sample of using RSD in .NET? Something along the lines of:
    1) request blog home page
    2) parse html for EditURI link
    3) access RSD file
    3) deserialize RSD xml into object (or just use XmlDocument I suppose)
    4) Read RSD object to determine endpoint and API type and save off along with user's username and password.
    Shouldn't be too hard, but you're probably a lot quicker than I. I haven't found anybody do this all the way through yet and it'd be good to have an example.