Resharper Can Preview XML Comments as HTML

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Golly gee whiz but you learn something new every day. I was a big fan of Quickdoc viewer as a means to quickly view an HTML rendering of your XML comments directly from within VS.NET.

The reason I say was is that I cannot for the life of me get that sucker to work in VS.NET 2005 on my machine. I am also having problems with GhostDoc. It seems any plugin that uses the new XML file based registration (instead of the registry) doesn’t work for me. Perhaps because I am running as a LUA?

In any case, I just noticed that Resharper has a similar feature, though not nearly as nice as Quickdoc. If you select a method or class and hit CTRL+Q, it will show a window with a more readable version of your XML comments. The following image demonstrates the feature.

I am very happy to find this, but only because I can’t get QuickDoc to work. Quickdoc is far better in how it renders the documentation in pretty much the same way that NDoc does. Maybe I should the Jetbrains folk with a feature request to improve this a tad bit.

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  1. Avatar for Jim Holmes
    Jim Holmes July 19th, 2006

    Travis Illig's CR_Documentor does a nice job in this arena, too, but you need DxCore installed to use the widget.
    Travis's tool is here ( and I wrote a blurb about it here (
    The DxCore thing may be a show-stopper for many. It's "free" but has got a pretty restrictive license on where you can use it -- unless you buy one of the other DevExpress products.

  2. Avatar for Jason Kemp
    Jason Kemp July 19th, 2006

    Resharper's QuickDoc feature also works on any method or property. Hit Ctrl-Q over a property from the framework (like, say, Uri.OriginalString) in your code and voila! Documentation!

  3. Avatar for Travis Illig
    Travis Illig July 19th, 2006

    I was going to mention trying CR_Documentor, but it looks like Jim beat me to it. :) (Though I will mention CR_Documentor adds other stuff beyond just doc preview, like a context menu that, among other things, allows you to select part of your comment and XML encode it - handy for code snippets you want to place as examples.)

  4. Avatar for Patrik Lindström
    Patrik Lindström January 6th, 2012

    I really like the feature that I first read here. But in my Resharper installation it is ctrl-shift-F1.
    It does not seem to work with the multiline syntax /**
    only singleline syntax with ///