Subtext Logo Okay, it is survey time for all you Subtext users! I would like to know which Subtext skin you use for your blog. Please leave a comment with the skin that you use. If you use a custom skin, then just say Custom.

I have heard many say that the skins in Subtext look like they were designed by a developer rather than a designer. Well surprise surprise, probably because they were! I have a sneaking suspicion that many are not in use.

The reason this is important to me is that rather than simply continuing to add more and more skins to Subtext (generating a huge list), I would like to weed out some of the more drab skins. But instead of deleting skins, I was thinking I could simply replace them with newer skins that still fit the spirit of the original skin’s name. For example, I might replace the skin White with a new design that is very light in color and tone. Make sense?