Jeff asks the question, “Isn’t programming supposed to be fun?”? Ha ha ha, naive little bunny. As if the person who invented programming had fun in mind. Silly rabbit.

You’ve heard the cliche. The reason it is called work is because it is work. Programming is fun when it is just for fun.

Cynical jokes aside, I actually did work for fun at my last job. Well technically, I worked for FUN. My former employer was bought by a company that then changed its name to Fun Technologies. It is listed under the symbol FUN on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Alternative Invesment Market of the London Stock Exchange.

When I visited headquarters in Toronto the CEO gave me a hat with the ticker symbol emlazoned on the front. I think I still have it somewhere. I would wear it and go around telling people that I work for FUN. It was mildly funny for about two minutes. But as is my style, I dragged it out for thirty.