Crazy Lightning Storm

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Lightning StormWe just had a short lived but crazy loud lightning storm. I was up late working on Subtext because I couldn’t sleep when I started hearing the loud clap of thunder. The eerie part is that between the thunder claps, it was relatively silent outside until the next thunder clap.

I counted less than a second between some of the lightning flashes and the resultant thunder, meaning the bolts were pretty damn close. The immense loudness was awesome and set off all the car alarms in the neighborhood as well as a building alarm. Perhaps the school or church nearby. I was busy trying to shut down my computer.

As the lightning and thunder subsided, the rain started to come down really hard for about 15 minutes. Then nothing. Strangely enough, my dog didn’t make a sound. I wonder if she slept through the whole thing.

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  1. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight June 26th, 2006

    Over the past week or so we've had some crazy t-storms here as well. I live within spitting distance of all the tall buildings downtown, and one of them got was so close that the hair on my arms stood on end and my ears rang just before the strike. It was the loudest sound I've ever heard. I just about sh*t myself. Also had a case of the "after club" ears for a good 60 seconds.
    My guy is terrified of thunder...runs in the closet everytime a storm pops up.

  2. Avatar for dk
    dk June 26th, 2006

    After An Inconvenient Truth -- didn't it just for a split second -- make you think...

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked June 26th, 2006

    Ha ha... Yes it did. But I didn't want to be cheesy and correlate the two.
    Did you see that the Supreme Court is taking up a case on Global Warming?
    Interesting quote from the article:

    Recently, Bush told reporters he views global warming as a serious problem and has "a plan to be able to deal with greenhouse gases" short of regulating their use.

    At least Bush recognizes the problem, but maybe not the potential severity.

  4. Avatar for Lamar Cole
    Lamar Cole September 29th, 2006

    Just as lightning flashes through a window. Love flashes through the heart.

  5. Avatar for olivia
    olivia August 2nd, 2010

    crazy as it seems, lightning can be every single color you can ever imagine. I've seen pics of a red sky with rainbow lightning coming out of it. you know, if i were in that town at that point i probably would have literally had a stroke and died.