Movie Poster Watched a free screening of this last night in Downtown Los Angeles as part of a film festival. Prior to the screening, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora played some live music and Al Gore was on hand to introduce the movie. Mayor Villaraigosa was also there oddly suited in a tux and comically referring to Richie as Richie Santora.

The basic premise of the documentary is that humans are affecting the Earth’s climate, this is a very bad thing, we can do something about it, and we don’t have to destroy the economy to do it.

This particular premise is also the subject of much controversy, which Al addresses in the documentary. He points out that there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that humans are affecting the Earth’s climate change. A study of 928 peer reviewed abstracts in scientific journals between 1993 and 2003 on the topic of climate change showed absolutely none disagreed with the consensus. The controversy, in large part has been hyped up by the popular media as well as the minority nay-sayers.

The movie also points out that the idea of humans affecting the climate is not so farfetched and in fact has a precedent. Consider the hole in the ozone layer that was a big worry back in the 80s. The EPA states that ozone deplection was caused by human activities.

Recent headlines are showing the effects of global warmings.

The key point to stress is that Al Gore does not believe that we have to sacrifice our economy or jobs in order to become more ecologically friendly. In fact, he believes it will lead to more jobs. As a case in point, Japan’s auto industry has the most stringent auto emission standards and highest eco ranking and they are kicking the butt of Ford and GM in profits.

One of the most revealing points (as well as embarassing for the U.S.) is when he shows that the U.S. auto emission standards are significantly below China! China! Since when is China the example to the U.S. on clean air?

At the end, Al points out that turning around the negative effects of human activities can be done, and there is a precedent. We don’t worry much about ozone depletion today because the U.S. took the lead in creating treaties to ban CFC production.

This is a worthwhile movie to see whatever your political affiliations, because it is an issue that will eventually affect everyone regardless of political affiliations. Republicans aren’t immune to the weather. If you are skeptical that we are causing global warming, then see it anyways and refute the claims.