Motorcycle Blogging From San Diego to Alaska

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This is the blog of a chap who is riding a teched out motorcycle computer (which he calls his “motocompy”) from San Diego to my homestate Alaska. I helped him get his Subtext blog setup so he can blog the entire trip.

His rig is tricked out with Wi-F, a webcam, a mini-ITX system with DVD Player, a power inverter, GPS, a 7” touch-screen, etc… stored in a tank bag attached to his bike via magnets.

Check out this blog post to see a couple videos where he describes his setup.

He also happens to be my coworker’s (Jon Galloway) brother.

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  1. Avatar for Simone Chiaretta
    Simone Chiaretta June 18th, 2006

    I'm honored he is using my Piyo skin for the blog.
    Thanks Brian!!!

  2. Avatar for brian
    brian June 19th, 2006

    thank you, Simone! i really like the skin. clean, simple, works and looks great. thanks again.

  3. Avatar for JonGalloway.ToString()
    JonGalloway.ToString() July 3rd, 2006

    As Phil mentioned earlier, my brother Brian is blogging hismotorcycle tripfrom San Diego,Californiato