I Have Contracted A Fever

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Soccer BallWorld Cup Fever!.

Hence the lack of blogging. Last weekend, I went on a camping trip with my coworkers Micah and Jon in the Los Padres national forest. I was fighting a bad cold at the time and am only now getting over it.

But a new fever has taken its place. In part, I was feeling pukey after the horrible showing by the U.S. against the Czech Republic. The only bright side to that game was the play of Oguchi Onyewu and Claudio Reyna.

Today during lunch I will watch Brazil play the beautiful game. Since I don’t have cable I will have to watch it on Univision (a former employer) and brush up on my Spanish. At least I know what GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL means!

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  1. Avatar for Steve Harman
    Steve Harman June 13th, 2006

    This fever you mentioned must be going around... I seem to have come down with it as well.
    I couldn't believe I had to follow the USA vs. Czech Republic game on ESPN Game Cast due to it taking place in the middle of my work day. At least I was able to catch it on the DVR last night - disappointing as it was.
    Seeing as you don't have cable, can I take that to mean you don't have access to ESPN2-HD/ABC-HD? How horrible. Those German fields look brillant on the 53" HD Widescreen!
    Go Team U.S.A.!

  2. Avatar for Simone Chiaretta
    Simone Chiaretta June 13th, 2006

    Hei man, watch out saturday, when Italy will send all your world domination dreams to hell :-)

  3. Avatar for Steve Harman
    Steve Harman June 13th, 2006

    Yeah, yeah, yeah... the Italians are good - OK they are really good - but I think the Americans might be the dark horse in this race. If they can get their heads back into it, they are going to be dangerous!

  4. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked June 13th, 2006

    Yeah, I am watching it on ABC-HD and Univision-HD. Soccer never looked so good. It looks even clearer than when I play in person. ;)
    If the U.S. can pull it together and get a better game out of Beasley and Donovan, they might have a chance against Italy. But it doesn't look good right now.

  5. Avatar for Jason Kemp
    Jason Kemp June 13th, 2006

    Have you given any thought to some cowbell next time? It might clear up that fever.

  6. Avatar for bonna
    bonna June 13th, 2006

    A chance against Italy? Well I guess you never know in soccer, ... but I would not bet on it.
    Maybe with an early goal followed by serious defensive play and a vast amount of luck.
    I like the U.S. game more though, Italy always plays that same boring defensive game.
    I'm very curious about the U.S. vs Ghana match.
    (U.S. - Iran would be nice 2 hehe)
    Too bad Belgium did not make the tournament, ...They'd probably win the cup ;).

  7. Avatar for Toby
    Toby June 13th, 2006

    You could also try one of these methods to stream the games


  8. Avatar for Simone
    Simone June 14th, 2006

    It's in Italian, but I wrote a post on 2 geek tools to follow the World Cup:
    A Firefox plugin and a.... telnet session

  9. Avatar for Steve Harman
    Steve Harman June 17th, 2006

    Well Simo... looks like the US was able to (nearly) pull off the win, but I'm happy with the tie too. Those refs totally blew that match though. Italia's red card was deserved, but that red against Pope - two minutes into the 2nd half - was just rediculous!
    Well, now all that matters is that the US takes down Ghana and the Italia can knock off the Czechs. So I say, Go Team USA, and Go Italia!

  10. Avatar for Simone Chiaretta
    Simone Chiaretta June 18th, 2006

    I didn't watch the match (I was on the way to climb a north face), but I hope both Italy and USA can pass to the next fase.

  11. Avatar for bonna
    bonna June 18th, 2006

    @Steve Harman: The ref in Italy - US did a very good job actually, in fact the first yellow card for Pope should have been red straight away. The second one was clearly a yellow card.
    The Italian red card was one of the dirtiest fouls I've seen so far. McBride sure was motivated afterwards :).
    I enjoyed that match a lot, in soccer a well motivated team like US can really give their opponent a hard time.
    These things I noticed about the US:
    - they play a VERY physical game. (they remind me of the Belgian way of playing)
    - the strikers dribble the ball a lot. (what is very cool to watch)
    - Beasly's nickname should be Roadrunner...
    Hopefully they play their next game with the same fire.

  12. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked June 18th, 2006

    I think the red for Mastroeni should have been a yellow though. Giving him a straight red for a slide tackle was a bit harsh compared to the Italian red card.

  13. Avatar for bonna
    bonna June 19th, 2006

    Yeah if you compare it against the Italian red card it is, but then again - there are only 2 colors. That is why red cards are evaluated and punished according the degree of the foul.
    It is unfair that De Rossi only gets 1 match suspended.