As you may well know, today is June 6, 2006 or in shorthand notation 6/6/06, the mark of the beast. As the church lady would say, “mmmmm, isn’t that special?”

Dana Carvey is the Church

This day reminds me of a song I heard a loooong time ago called “Sweat Loaf” by the Butthole Surfers (pleasant name). It starts off with a nice conversation between an all American boy and his all American dad.

  1. Son


  2. Dad

    Yes, son?

  3. Son

    What does regret mean?

  4. Dad

    Well a funny thing about regret is, its better to regret something you have done, then to regret something you haven’t done….Oh and if you see your mother this weekend remember to tell her- SATAN, SATAN, SATAN

So in commemoration of this numerologically significant day, be sure to show the evil horns gesture to somebody today and include a little head banging. Our President will lead us with a showing of the horns.

Bush Horns

I always knew he was in with the Devil