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If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a fan of the MbUnit generative unit test framework.

What I haven’t been a fan of is linking to the MbUnit website. If you want to refer someone to NUnit, you simply link to But if you want to refer someone to MbUnit, you have to type out this monstrosity:

So in addition to complaining about it, I decided to do something about it. I purchased and pointed it to their website. Now when I mention MbUnit in a post, I can spare my fingers a few keystrokes.

One other issue I hope this helps solve is that the MbUnit website comes up second in Google search results. First is its old hosting location. Hopefully everyone will start updating their links to point to instead and help solve that issue.

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  1. Avatar for Andy Stopford
    Andy Stopford June 4th, 2006

    Course you can link to too :)

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked June 4th, 2006

    Very cool. The benefit with having both is discoverability. Often, when someone tells me about a technology, I'll go to the browser and try even befor googling it. Now if you do that with mbunit, it'll work. :)

  3. Avatar for Joe Brinkman
    Joe Brinkman June 5th, 2006

    Very commendable Phil. I would suggest one thing though: Transfer the domain name to the mbUnit team. Even if you "donate" the funds to purchase the name, the team would still have "control" of all assets needed to maintain the project. The reason I suggest this is that DotNetNuke ran into problems when trying to protect our name from others. Even linux has had trouble protecting the "Linux" trademark and name. While I have no doubt about your intentions, the same cannot be said of everyone who might try to grab a domain name related to an OS project. Just a thought.

  4. Avatar for Andrew Stopford's Weblog
    Andrew Stopford's Weblog June 5th, 2006

    Thanks to Phil you can now take your pick from or as...

  5. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked June 5th, 2006

    Good point Joe. But that brings up the question of whether or not there is a formal MbUnit entity that I could transfer it to.
    With DNN this question is easy. The DNN Source code copyright belongs to Perpetual Motion Interactive Systems, as does the DNN trademark.
    But looking at the license on the MbUnit site, it's not clear if I should transfer the domain to Jamie Carnsedale or Jonathan De Halleux. I will talk to Andrew about this.

  6. Avatar for Community Blogs
    Community Blogs July 26th, 2006

    My goodness. Today is Open Source News Day for me. I just read the sad news that Kevin Downs, the leader

  7. Avatar for you've been HAACKED
    you've been HAACKED December 6th, 2006

    MbUnit 2.3 Released!