Last night we went out with friends to celebrate Akumi’s birthday. Somehow the topic of my blog came up in conversation. Perhaps I have a tendency to interject the topic of “blogging” every chance I get. I can be annoying that way.

In any case, my friend Dan points out that he wishes I would write a little more personal content. His poor eyes get tired from scrolling down through the reams of code which is all meaningless gibberish to him.

Well Dan, this post is for you.

Unfortunately I have nothing to say in this particular post. I slept in late today and my day is just beginning. I have a bit of work to do for a client so I need to get head down into coding.

In the meanwhile, for all my friends who don’t care for my technical gibberish, you can subscribe to my Day to Day (rss) category. This contains all my non-technical posts 100% free of code.