Gorilla Swinging Jayson emailed me to let me know that my PageRank is now

  1. That puts me up in the ranks of the big guys like Scott Hanselman. Woohoo!

You realize what this means dontcha? After all this time and hard work, I moved from a 5 to a 6 on a 10 pt scale. It means I am no longer flunking the blogosphere. I am getting a D baby! Woohoo! I can’t wait for my next highschool reunion so I can shove this back in the face of all the popular kids.

  1. Me

    You thought I was a loser, eh? Well check this out! My PageRank is 6! What’s yours? Who’s the loser now? What!? What!? That’s what I thought!

  2. Popular Kids

    Ummm, who are you again? I don’t think you went to this school.

  3. Me

    Oh. Umm. Right. My next reunion isn’t for another year but I couldn’t wait.

It is great to have another scale of measurement in order to bolster a false sense of superiority and privilege over other people.

  1. Me

    Oh, lookie lookie here. Mr. Atwood’s PageRank is only five. Poor guy. How does he live with himself? Maybe I’ll start a raise Atwood’s PageRank campaign.

Don’t worry, I won’t let it change this blog or myself one bit. Except for the minor detail that in order to contact me, my contact form now sends an email to my publicist. And if you don’t mind, please refer to me as the blogger formerly known as Haacked.

Yes, for you humor (or English) impaired, this is satire. I am really not that infatuated with PageRank. No really.

UPDATE: Ummm so this is kind of awkward, but Mr. Atwood points out in my comments that his PageRank™ is actually a 6 if you put the www. in front of his URL. I am afraid I must end the Raise Atwood’s PageRank™ campaign. Sorry about that Jeff. Heh Heh. No hard feelings, eh?

And I am actually sincerely glad to have a higher PageRank™. So I did not mean this to punk Jayson in any way shape or form. The higher the PageRank™ the more AdSense Revenue people I can reach with interesting technical content.