Web 2.11Despite the apparent hype factor of “Web 2.0”, I am really starting to get into the whole Web 2.0 phenomena. I think it really clicked when hearing about it in various panel discussions at Mix06.

The foundations are quite simple. Web 2.0 is about:

  • User created content.
  • Using AJAX to make websites UI responsive
  • Providing simple Open APIs.
  • Harnessing collective intelligence
  • And so on…

But jumping on Web 2.0 now is like jumping on a hot stock. By the time you’ve heard about it, so has everyone else. That information is immediately absorbed by the stock market and reflected in its price. In other words, you have already missed the boat sucka.

So I am letting you, my limited audience, in on a secret. The time is now to leap ahead of your competition and embrace Web 2.1.

Web 2.0 is oh so five minutes ago. Now that Microsoft is joining the Web 2.0 fray, you know they are going to get it right. But they won’t get it right in 2.0 (remember Windows 3.0 or .NET 1.0? Exactly). It is all about adding the .1 baby!

At Mix 06, Microsoft unveiled their vision for the web, which seeing as how their modern product versioning system works these days, will be marketed as Web 2007. By the time it is released it will probably be called Microsoft Web Based Collective Intelligence and Open API AJAX Platform (or WBCIOAAP for short). I personally can appreciate the double “A” thrown in there.

Some of the pillars of Web 2007 WBCIOAAP include the following:

  • Why stop at user generated crap? Animal generated content! Who better to fling crap on the web than animals?
  • AJAX is about making UI responsive. But why be so reactive? Web 2007 introduces PRAJAX! It combines the power of prayer to create PRedictive AJAX. This stuff is going to rock!
  • Current efforts to harness collective intelligence makes the unreasonable assumption that everyone who contributes is equally intelligent. Well we know that ain’t true. Introducing the Microsoft Idiot Filter. If you are going to allow tagging, this software makes sure to filter out the idiots, leaving 5% of the tags, but a very intelligent 5%.
  • And so on…

I will be converting my business and Subtext into a Web 2007 application soon. What about you?