And The Award To The Funniest Commenter On This Blog Goes To

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My Wife! The comedienne. Honey, still don’t quit your day job.

Exhibit One: My post on Mix06 in which I mentioned…

Maybe, if things are going well, I might have a date with destiny at the Let It Ride tables.

Her comment…

destiny called. she now works at the crazy horse. ; )

Exhibit Two: My recent and slightly rambling post on Lo-REST in which I talk about REST and POX over HTTP. Near the end I state…

Lets elevate the respectability of the term POX a bit and retire the term Lo-REST. It is POX, let’s leave it at that and call it what it is.

And her comment in response…

yes. Lets elevate the respectability of the term POX.

Finally, my wife is taking an interest in the work that I do. I am sure she’ll now enjoy a long and intellectually stimulating dinnertime conversation as I explain to her how streaming content works with IndigoWCF. As long as the start tags are all correct, you can consume the streaming content relying on the intent that the end tags will arrive some day in the future. And if they don’t arrive, will you care as you have already consumed the content? With streaming content, the valuable deliverable is not a whole message but a partial message. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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