See You At Mix06

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Well maybe not all of you. For example, I know Jayson isn’t going. Sucker. (Oooh, I just had to rub it in, didn’t I?). ;)

For you others that are going, I know there a few people I hope to meet because you promised to buy me a beer, or did I promise to buy you one? Here are the lists of people I plan to see:

Buying Me Beer

I’m Buying

No Exchange of Beer, Just Saying Hello

Normally, when I go to a conference like this, packing is a last minute afterthought. But this time, I will plan one specific article of clothing for the first day of the conference. I’ll wear a retina scarring bright orange Aloha shirt so that those of you who owe me a beer can easily spot me. If I owe you a beer, I will be wearing green and I have blonde hair. Ignore the rest of this post.

Orange Shirt\ Figure 1: Eye burning shirt at BurningMan

Just look for the guy who looks like a cross between Kim Jong Il and Samuel Schmid. You can probably find me at the Craps or the Blackjack tables. Maybe, if things are going well, I might have a date with destiny at the Let It Ride tables. Assuming she still works there.

And of course, if time permits, I will be at some of the sessions.

[Listening to: Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles - Greatest Hits (3:24)]

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8 responses

  1. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight March 15th, 2006

    Dammit Phil...always rubbing stuff in! Of all the MS conferences, this is the one I want to attend most. The amount of thinking power present in LV will be staggering...well, scratch that, LV has a habit of taking the thinking power out of folks.
    Don't forget your digicam. Oh, nice shirt btw ;-)

  2. Avatar for Jeff Atwood
    Jeff Atwood March 15th, 2006

    What? You'll get nothing and like it.

  3. Avatar for Simone Chiaretta
    Simone Chiaretta March 15th, 2006

    Phil, I wish I could come, too..
    but too far from me, and we are bit late in the web2.0 thing in Italy ... so nobody in my company will be me a plain ticket to go to LV :-(

  4. Avatar for wife
    wife March 16th, 2006

    destiny called. she now works at the crazy horse.
    ; )

  5. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight March 18th, 2006

    Looks like you have another homie to catch up with: Alex Barnett, he's at The Venetian as well.
    I feel so left out.

  6. Avatar for Andy Stopford
    Andy Stopford March 20th, 2006

    Sat outside the sandbox till 3, your round ;-)

  7. Avatar for you've been HAACKED
    you've been HAACKED March 27th, 2007

    Doubling Down At Mix 07

  8. Avatar for Community Blogs
    Community Blogs March 27th, 2007

    You’ve been H CKED will be well represented at Mix 07 this year. I thoroughly enjoyed Mix 06 last year