Soccer Ball I’ve joined a group of soccer players attempting to form a team to get into a 30 and over league that hosts games on much nicer fields. These are the fields with that really nice high quality artificial turf, a huge difference over the pock-marked dirt/grass fields of my current league. The play in this league is also at a much higher level than my current league and they are very particular about which teams they let in. They judge teams on ability, sportsmanship, and organization.

Last night we played one of their top teams, if not the top. This team included an ex-Sweden national team player and an ex-MLS/National Team player. Had I known I would have asked for autographs. ;)

For one of their warm-ups, these guys we’re in tight circles of five conducting a one-touch five man weave. The interesting part was that it was one-touch in the air. The ball didn’t touch the ground. Meanwhile we looked like the Bad News Bears with our mismatched jerseys. This was one of several friendlies so that the league could evaluate us, so we don’t have uniforms yet.

In any case, we struck first with a goal and ended up with a one to one tie. A very respectable showing, but between me and you, and I would never admit this normally, but they were a much better team. It was obvious they’ve played together for a long time. It is amazing what a well organized, well coordinated team can do. Just like software teams!

Not only that, every last one of them was fit like Lance Armstrong. This was one of the few games I subbed myself out from time to time to get a breather. Usually you have to drag me kicking and screaming off the field.

In any case, we just got the word that we have been accepted into the league. Woohoo! Hopefully we won’t run into any brawls in this league.