One common approach to having a script method run when a page loads is to attach a method to the window.onload event like so…

` window.onload = function() { someCode; }`

This is a common approach with methods for enhancing structural markup with Javascript like my table row rollover library, but it suffers from one major problem.

What happens when you include more than one script that does this? Only one of them will be attached to the onload event.

It would be nice if there was a syntax like the C# delegate syntax for attaching an event handler. For example…

` window.onload += function() {} //This doesn’t work`

However, there is a better way. In looking at the Lightbox script, I noticed the script references a method written about by Simon Willison. He has a method named addLoadEvent(func); that will append the method to the load event, without interfering with any existing methods set to execute on load.

Read about this technique here.