Ball There is something really satisfying about having a beer after soccer. Especially when you can sit down with a Newcastle at the computer and blog about it. I’ve heard many marathoners say that a beer after a long run is helpful for replenishing lost carbohydrates. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It’s a health drink!

This season has been going much better than last season so far. The team has really picked it up a notch. We started off with a four to zero thrashing of the other team in our first game. I had a goal in the first minute of the second half. Fastest goal off of a kickoff I’ve ever been a part of.

Our second game ended in a two to one victory. Unfortunately that was marred by a near brawl. One of their teammates known for causing trouble smacked one of ours in the head after the game was over. Their biggest guy smacked our smallest guy. Who happened to have a brother on our team as well.

Here is the thing with brothers. If you smack someone, his brother will be more upset than the guy receiving the smack. We had to really struggle to pull everybody apart and keep it from devolving into anarchy.

This week we have a bye so today we had a friendly against my Saturday group of pick-up players. It was a long two and a half hour ordeal and I pretty much ran myself ragged in the midfield. I transitioned to striker just to take a break in the last half hour, when we were down a couple players. Unfortunately all that running left me with a slightly pulled quadricep. Now I can limp around the house and try to muster up some sympathy. And another beer.