Well today completes my 31^st^ trip around the Sun and what a Birthday weekend it has been! Every now and then I like to buy a Super Lotto ticket just for the fun of it. I have a solid understanding of math (I did major in it) and I know that the odds are pretty much zilch, but it is fun to think about what I would do should I win.

Well I can stop thinking and start doing because I did win! I matched three number and the MEGA for the Jan 18 drawing winning me a grand total of $47.00! Woohoo! Forty-seven smackeroos! I definitely will NOT spend it all in one place (unless I fill up on gas). Since it is a jackpot under $600, I can simply walk over to the store where I bought it and claim my prize.

Apart from the Super Lotto, this weekend reminds me that I have won many other lotteries in life. Saturday we had some friends over for a birthday party at our place and it is quite clear that I have won the lottery of friends. My wife organized the whole thing and cooked up an amazing curry. I have definitely won the lottery of wives. And yesterday, in the opening game for my soccer league, I had an assist and I scored a pretty sweet goal in the first 60 seconds of the second half, winning the lottery of…er…that game four to nill. Ok the lottery analogy has fallen apart.

To you that find this post, I hope you win the important lotteries in your life as well.